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Pipeline Engineering

PART I Pipe Flows
Chapter 1 Introduction 3

Chapter 2 Single-Phase Incompressible Flow of Newtonian Fluid

Chapter 3 Single-Phase Compressible Flow in Pipe

Chapter 4 Non-Newtonian Fluids

Chapter 5 Flow of Solid-Liquid Mixture in Pipe (Slurry Pipelines)

Chapter 6 Flow of Solid-Gas Mixture in Pipe (Pneumotransport)

Chapter 7 Capsule Pipelines

PART II Engineering Considerations
Chapter 8 Pipes, Fittings, Valves, and Pressure Regulators

Chapter 9 Pumps and Turbines

Chapter 10 Instrumentation and Pigging

Chapter 11 Protection of Pipelines against Abrasion, Freezing, and Corrosion
Chapter 12 Planning and Construction of Pipelines

Chapter 13 Structural Design of Pipelines

Chapter 14 Pipeline Operations, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation

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