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The Anesthesia FACT BOOK

Part I: Before Surgery
Chapter 1 Who's the Person Giving My Anesthesia? Do Credentials Matter? 
Chapter 2 Will I Speak to My Anesthesiologist Before Surgery? Does It Matter? 
Chapter 3 Why Do Doctors Order So Many Tests Before Surgery?
Chapter 4 Why Must I Fast So Long Before Anesthesia? 
Chapter 5 Should I (or My Child) Receive Sedative Medication Before Surgery?
Chapter 6 Do I Need an Anesthesia Specialist for My Child? 
Chapter 7 Do I Need an Anesthesia Specialist for My Heart Surgery? 
Chapter 8 Do My Coexisting Medical Problems Affect the Risk of Anesthesia? 
Chapter 9 Am I at Increased Risk If a Relative Died While Under Anesthesia?
Chapter 10 Is it Dangerous to Have Multiple Anesthetics in a Short Period of Time? 
Chapter 11 Will the Anesthesiologist Be Present and Watching Me Throughout Surgery?

Part II: General Anesthesia
Chapter12 What Is General Anesthesia and How Is It Administered? 
Chapter13 Will a Plastic Tube Be in My Windpipe During Anesthesia? 
Chapter14 How Will I Be Monitored While I'm Under Anesthesia? 
Chapter15 Will I Be Paralyzed During Anesthesia? 
Chapter16 Is It Possible to Be Awake During Surgery? 
Chapter17 How Does the Anesthesiologist Know How Deeply I'm Asleep During Surgery? 
Chapter18 Does General Anesthesia Have Any Lasting Effects on Mental Function? 
Chapter19 What Is the Risk of Anesthesia? 
Chapter20 What Are the Potential Complications of General Anesthesia? 

Part III: After Surgery
Chapter21 Who Watches Me After General Anesthesia? Does It Really Matter? 
Chapter22 Can the Anesthesiologist Prevent Nausea and Vomiting ?
Chapter23 Should I Avoid Narcotic Pain Medication After Surgery? 
Chapter24 How Will My Pain Be Managed After Surgery? 

Part IV: Types of Anesthesia Other Than General Anesthesia
Chapter25 What Is Twilight Anesthesia? 
Chapter26 What Are Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia? 
Chapter27 Is Regional Anesthesia (Spinal or Epidural Anesthesia) Safer Than General Anesthesia? 
Chapter28 Is It Safe to Have a Procedure in the Doctor's Office Under Anesthesia? 

Chapter29 The Bottom Line

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