Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

Buku PHP dan MySQL

CHAPTER 1 Introducing PHP and MySQL

CHAPTER 2 Setting Up a PHP-MySQL Development Environment

CHAPTER 3 Using Variables, Statements, and Operators

CHAPTER 4 Using Conditional Statements and Loops

CHAPTER 5 Using Arrays and Custom Functions .

CHAPTER 6 Using Files, Sessions, Cookies, and External Programs

CHAPTER 7 Sample Application: Session-Based Shopping Cart

CHAPTER 8 Understanding an RDBMS

CHAPTER 9 Working with Databases and Tables

CHAPTER 10 Editing Records and Performing Queries

CHAPTER 11 Using the MySQL Security System

CHAPTER 12 Sample Application: Order Tracking System

CHAPTER 13 Querying a MySQL Database with PHP
CHAPTER 14 Validating User Input

CHAPTER 15 Formatting Query Output .
CHAPTER 16 Sample Application: News Publishing System
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