Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

Buku Manual Gambar Teknik

Chapter 1 Drawing office management and organization
Chapter 2 Product development and computer aided design
Chapter 3 CAD organization and applications
Chapter 4 Principles of first and third angle orthographic projection
Chapter 5 Linework and lettering
Chapter 6 Three dimensional illustrations using isometric and oblique projection
Chapter 7 Drawing layouts and simplified methods
Chapter 8 Sections and sectional views
Chapter 9 Geometrical constructions and tangency
Chapter 10 Loci applications
Chapter 11 True lengths and auxiliary views
Chapter 12 Conic sections and interpenetration of solids
Chapter 13 Development of patterns from sheet materials
Chapter 14 Dimensioning principles
Chapter 15 Screw threads and conventional representations
Chapter 16 Nuts, bolts, screws and washers  
Chapter 17 Keys and keyways  
Chapter 18 Worked examples in machine drawing  
Chapter 19 Limits and fits  
Chapter 20 Geometrical tolerancing and datums  
Chapter 21 Application of geometrical tolerances  
Chapter 22 Maximum material and least material principles  
Chapter 23 Positional tolerancing  

Chapter 24 Cams and gears

 Chapter 25 Springs

Chapter 26 Welding and welding symbols  

Chapter 27 Engineering diagrams  
Chapter 28 Bearings and applied technology  
Chapter 29 Engineering adhesives  
Chapter 30 Related standards  
Chapter 31 Production drawings  
Chapter 32 Drawing solutions 

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