Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

SUPPLY CHAIN Project Management

SECTION I Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century
Chapter 1 Purpose and Overview
Chapter 2 De ning SCM
Chapter 3 Drivers of Supply Chain Change
Chapter 4 Five SCM Tasks — The Foundation for SCM Knowledge
SECTION II Project Management and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 5 Levels of Project Management Maturity
Chapter 6 Project Management Language
Chapter 7 Project Management Knowledge Areas
Chapter 8 SCOR and SCM Project Management
Chapter 9 Information Technology Projects — Lessons for SCM
SECTION III Supply Chain Management Project Processes
Chapter 10 SCM Maturity Model
Chapter 11 Introduction to SCM Executing Processes
Chapter 12 Developing a Supply Chain Strategy
Chapter 13 Implementing Collaborative Relationships
Chapter 14 Forging Supply Chain Partnerships
Chapter 15 Improving Supply Chain Processes and Systems
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