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chapter 1. Introduction
chapter 2. Real Options in Practice
chapter 3. Origins of Real Options in Engineering
chapter 4. Real Options in Manufacturing Operations
chapter 5. Real Options Valuation for Quality Improvement
chapter 6. Real Options in Outsourcing
chapter 7. Barriers to Real Options Adoption and Use in Architecture,Engineering, and Construction Project Management Practice
chapter 8. Identifying Real Options to Improve the Design of Engineering Systems
chapter 9. Real Options in Underground Mining Systems Planning and Design
chapter 10.Real Options in Engineering Systems Design
chapter 11.Real Options Model for Workforce Cross-Training
chapter 12.Real Options Design for Sustainable Product Quality Management
chapter 13. Real Options in Nanotechnology R&D
chapter 14. Real Options-Based Analysis in Pharmaceutical Partnerships for Research and Development
chapter 15. Hands-On Applications: Real Option Super
chapter 16. Lattice Solver Software
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