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Complex System Maintenance Handbook

Part A An Overview
Chapter 1: An Overview

Part B Evolution of Concepts and Approaches
Chapter 2: Maintenance: An Evolutionary Perspective
Chapter 3: New Technologies for Maintenance
Chapter 4: Reliability Centred Maintenance

Part C Methods and Techniques
Chapter 5: Condition-based Maintenance Modelling
Chapter 6: Maintenance Based on Limited Data
Chapter 7: Reliability Prediction and Accelerated Testing
Chapter 8: Preventive Maintenance Models for Complex Systems
Chapter 9: Artificial Intelligence in Maintenance

Part D Problem Specific Models
Chapter 10: Maintenance of Repairable Systems
Chapter 11: Optimal Maintenance of Multi-component Systems: A Review
Chapter 12: Replacement of Capital Equipment
Chapter 13: Maintenance and Production: A Review of Planning Models
Chapter 14: Delay Time Modelling

Part E Management
Chapter 15: Maintenance Outsourcing
Chapter 16: Maintenance of Leased Equipment
Chapter 17: Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
Chapter 18: Risk Analysis in Maintenance
Chapter 19: Maintenance Performance Measurement (MPM) System
Chapter 20: Forecasting for Inventory Management of Service Parts

Part F Applications (Case Studies)
Chapter 21: Maintenance in the Rail Industry
Chapter 22: Condition Monitoring of Diesel Engines
Chapter 23: Benchmarking of the Maintenance Process at Banverket
(The Swedish National Rail Administration)
Chapter 24: Integrated e-Operations–e-Maintenance: Applications in North Offshore Assets
Chapter 25: Fault Detection and Identification for Longwall Machinery Using SCADA Data
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