Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Efficient electrical systems design handbook

Chapter  1 Electrical Basics
Chapter  2 Using the Language of the Electrical Engineer
Chapter  3 Equipment Selection Considerations
Chapter  4 Analyzing Power Distribution Systems
Chapter  5 Conduit and Conductor Sizing
Chapter  6 How to Design a Lighting System
Chapter  7 Using Logic to Simplify Control Systems
Chapter  8 Applying Process Controllers and Electronic Instrumentation
Chapter  9 Protective Relaying for Power Distribution Systems
Chapter  10 Energy Economic Analysis
Chapter  11 Energy Management Systems
Chapter  12 Power Line Disturbances: A User’s Perspective of Mitigation Equipment and Techniques
Chapter  13 Variable Speed Drives
Chapter  14 Field Measurements and Determination of Electric Motor Ef?ciency
Chapter  15 Testing Rewinds to Avoid Motor Ef?ciency Degradation
Chapter  16 Guidelines for Implementing an Energy-ef?cient Motor Retro?t Program
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