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Business Process Management Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations

Part I     Frequently asked questions
Chapter 1     How can we demystify business process management?
Chapter 2     What is business process management?
Chapter 3     Why is it important to improve business processes before automating them ?
Chapter 4     When should you do BPM – what are the main drivers and triggers?
Chapter 5     Who should be involved in BPM?
Chapter 6     Why are organizational strategy and process architecture important in BPM
Chapter 7     How do you sell BPM technology to the organization? 
Chapter 8     What are the critical success factors in a BPM project? 
Chapter 9     What are the critical implementation aspects for a BPM solution?
Chapter 10     Why do you need a structured approach to implementing BPM? 
Chapter 11     Framework overview 
Chapter 12     Guidelines on how to use the framework 
Chapter 13     Organization strategy phase 
Chapter 14     Process architecture phase
Chapter 15     Launch pad phase
Chapter 16     Understand phase
Chapter 17     Innovate phase
Chapter 18     People phase
Chapter 19     Develop phase
Chapter 20     Implement phase
Chapter 21     Realize value phase
Chapter 22     Sustainable performance phase
Chapter 23     Essentials introduction
Chapter 24     Project management
Chapter 25     People change management
Chapter 26     Leadership
Part III     BPM and the organization
Chapter 27     BPM maturity
Chapter 28     Embedding BPM within the organization
Part IV:     Appendices – tools and techniques
7FE Project Management Overview   

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