Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Total Quality in the Construction Supply Chain

Chapter 1 Understanding quality
Chapter 2 Models and frameworks for total quality management
Chapter 3 Leadership and commitment
Chapter 4 Policy, strategy and goal deployment
Chapter 5 Partnerships and resources
Chapter 6 Design for quality
Chapter 7 Performance measurement frameworks
Chapter 8 Self-assessment audits and reviews
Chapter 9 Benchmarking
Chapter 10 Process management
Chapter 11 Process redesign
Chapter 12 Quality management systems
Chapter 13 Continuous improvement
Chapter 14 Human resource management
Chapter 15 Culture change through teamwork
Chapter 16 Communications, innovation and learning
Chapter 17 Implementing TQM
Case study 1 Continuous improvement and growth at Graniterock
Case study 2 Growth of a commitment to total quality at CDL
Case study 3 Future growth at Gammon underpinned by a commitment to excellence
Case study 4 World-class project performance from a
partnership between IDC and TNC
Case study 5 Commitment to total quality at Mirvac
Case study 6 Triple bottom line reporting as a catalyst for organizational culture
change at Landcom
Case study 7 Best value in Harrogate Borough Council
Case study 8 Takenaka – 400 years old and a commitment to innovation and
excellence ensures the future
Case study 9 Business improvement strategies in the Highways Agency
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