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Chapter 1. Mineral Scales and Deposits: An Overview
Chapter 2. Crystal Growth Inhibition of Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Oxalates in Aqueous Systems
Chapter 3. Calcium Carbonate Scale Control in Industrial Water Systems
Chapter 4. Calcium Carbonate: Polymorph Stabilization in the Presence of Inhibitors
Chapter 5. Scale and Deposit Control Polymers for Industrial Water Treatment
Chapter 6. New Models for Calcium Phosphate Scale Formation and Dissolution
Chapter 7. Design and Applications of Cooling Water Treatment Programs
Chapter 8. Latest Developments in Oili eld Scale Control
Chapter 9. Control of Silica Scaling in Geothermal Systems Using Silica Inhibitors,Chemical Treatment, and Process Engineering
Chapter 10 Recent Developments in Controlling Silica and Magnesium Silicate Foulants
in Industrial Water Systems
Chapter 11. Phosphate Containing Scale Formation in Wastewater
Chapter 12. New Developments in Membrane-Based Processes for Industrial Applications
Chapter 13 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Control
Chapter 14 Scale Formation and Control in Thermal Desalination Systems
Chapter 15 Boiler Water Treatment
Chapter 16 Corrosion Control in Industrial Water Systems
Chapter 17 Interactions of Polyelectrolytes with Particulate Matter in Aqueous Systems
Chapter 18 Mechanistic Aspects of Heat Exchanger and Membrane Biofouling and Prevention
Chapter 19 Biocides: Selection and Application
Chapter 20 Legionella in Water Systems
Chapter 21 Analytical Techniques for Identifying Mineral Scales and Deposits
Chapter 22 Deposit Control Polymers: Types, Characterization, and Applications
Chapter 23 Applications of Cationic Polymers in Water Treatment
Chapter 24 Recent Development in Water Treatment Chemicals Monitoring
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