Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Design and Construction

1. Issues in design and construction
2. Beyond modernism
3. How buildings come to be the way they are
4. Intelligent buildings
5. A new era in cost planning
6. The energy of materials
7. Innovation in energy modelling
8. Buildability/constructability
9. Building regulation: from prescription to performance
10. Project finance and procurement
11. Project management in construction
12. Risk allocation in construction contracts
13. Contaminated land
14. The foundations of lean construction
15. Lean construction tools and techniques
16. Waste management in the construction industry
17. Enterprise process monitoring using key performance indicators
18. Three-dimensional CAD models: integrating design and construction
19. Administration of building contracts
20. Occupational health and safety in construction
21. ISO 9000 quality management systems for construction safety
22. Construction innovation in globalized markets
23. Management innovation – a note of caution
24. Four-dimension models: facility models linked to schedules
25. Future technologies: new materials and techniques
26. Construction automation and robotic technology
27. Some innovations in building services
28. The crystal ball
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