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SECTION 1: Theory of Heat
Unit 1 Heat and Pressure
Unit 2 Matter and Energy
Unit 3 Refrigeration and Refrigerants
SECTION 2: Safety, Tools and Equipmen
Shop Practices
Unit 4 General Safety Practices
Unit 5 Tools and Equipment
Unit 6 Fasteners
Unit 7 Tubing and Piping
Unit 8 System Evacuation
Unit 9 Refrigerant and Oil Chemistry and
Management—Recovery, Recycling,
Reclaiming, and Retrofitting
Unit 10 System Charging
Unit 11 Calibrating Instruments
SECTION 3: Basic Automatic Controls
Unit 12 Basic Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 13 Introduction to Automatic Controls
Unit 14 Automatic Control Components and Applications
Unit 15 Troubleshooting Basic Controls
Unit 16 Advanced Automatic Controls—Direct Digital
Controls (DDC) and Pneumatics
SECTION 4: Electric Motors
Unit 17 Types of Electric Motors
Unit 18 Application of Motors
Unit 19 Motor Controls
Unit 20 Troubleshooting Electric Motors
SECTION 5: Commercial Refrigeration
Unit 21 Evaporators and the Refrigeration System
Unit 22 Condensers
Unit 23 Compressors
Unit 24 Expansion Devices
Unit 25 Special Refrigeration System Components
Unit 26 Application of Refrigeration Systems
Unit 27 Commercial Ice Machines
Unit 28 Special Refrigeration Applications
Unit 29 Troubleshooting and Typical Operating Conditions for Commercial Refrigeration
SECTION 6: Air Conditioning (Heating and Humidification)
Unit 30 Electric Heat
Unit 31 Gas Heat
Unit 32 Oil Heat
Unit 33 Hydronic Heat
Unit 34 Indoor Air Quality
SECTION 7: Air Conditioning (Cooling)
Unit 35 Comfort and Psychrometrics
Unit 36 Refrigeration Applied to Air Conditioning
Unit 37 Air Distribution and Balance
Unit 38 Installation
Unit 39 Controls
Unit 40 Typical Operating Conditions
Unit 41 Troubleshooting
SECTION 8: All-Weather Systems
Unit 42 Electric, Gas, and Oil Heat with Electric Air Conditioning
Unit 43 Air Source Heat Pumps
Unit 44 Geothermal Heat Pumps
SECTION 9: Domestic Appliances
Unit 45 Domestic Refrigerators
Unit 46 Domestic Freezers
Unit 47 Room Air Conditioners
SECTION 10: Chilled-Water Air-Conditioning Systems
Unit 48 High-Pressure, Low-Pressure, and Absorption Chilled-Water Systems
Unit 49 Cooling Towers and Pumps
Unit 50 Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of Chilled-Water Air-Conditioning Systems
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