Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

Power Station Maintenance 2000

Boiler Techniques
C583/029/2000 In-situ valve seat replacements
C583/010/2000 Spiral welding - cutting the cost of maintenance, but not the quality
C583/020/2000 Beyond repair - cost-effective management of boiler tube failures
C583/027/2000 The use of novel diagnostic and retrofit design techniques to eliminate coal and ash storage failures

Managing People
C583/003/2000 The ISO 9001 combined cycle gas turbine power station
C583/004/2000 Developing a climate of collaboration and teamwork for outage time reduction
C583/007/2000 Partnerships and alliancing - and the importance of a good business strategy
C583/008/2000 Value added using focus group methodology

Sweating the Asset - I
C583/017/2000 Quantitative risk assessment and its role in plant maintenance decisions
C583/031/2000 Cost-effective maintenance for the new millennium
C583/013/2000 Industrial Trent Genset - designing for life-cycle Turbogenerator Techniques
C583/027/2000 Problems with modern air-cooled generator stator windings
C583/009/2000 A new approach to turbine lubrication management
C583/011/2000 Proper maintenance practices involving condenser cleaning and in-leakage inspection
C583/014/2000 Troubleshooting bearing problems during the uprating of an existing steam turbine installation

Condition Monitoring
C583/024/2000 Evolution of health monitoring for CCGT plant
C583/034/2000 Condition monitoring of cooling tower fan gearboxes
C583/035/2000 Permanent partial discharge assessment of power stat high-voltage switchgear

Sweating the Asset - II
C583/032/2000 An enterprise wide implementation of a maintenance/materials management systems
C583/033/2000 Power station maintenance for safety and reliability
C583/016/2000 How to contract for a gas turbine major inspection