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Integrating ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management,and Smart Materials

Part I - Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain, and Customer Relationship Management

Chapter 1 Concepts, Functionality, and Cost-Effectiveness of Internet-Oriented ERP Systems
Chapter 2 Why Killer Applications Can Be Assisted by ERP and CRM Software
Chapter 3 ERP Solutions, Supply Chain, and Web-Based Enterprise Management
Chapter 4 Contributions of ERP and the Vulnerability of the Internet Supply Chain
Chapter 5 The Market Demand for Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 6 The SupplyChain of ERP Programming Products
Chapter 7 Implementing Successive Releases of ERP Systems

Part II - Organizational Prerequisites for Smart Materials, Automatic Identification, and
Quality Assurance

Chapter 8 The Next Frontier in Technology and in Supply Chain Management: Automatic Identification
Chapter 9 Advances Underpinning Development and Use of the Electronic Product Code
Chapter 10 The Chorafas Classification/Identification System for Supply Chain Requirements
Chapter 11 Practical Implementations of the DCS Solution
Chapter 12 A Sound Methodology for Enterprise Management: General Electric's Six Sigma

Part III - Auditing Accounting Statements and Enterprise Resource Planning Records

Chapter 13 The Framework of Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Auditing
Chapter 14 The Auditor's Independence Is Critical to the Management of All Information Systems
Chapter 15 The Ongoing Change in Information Technology's Auditing Practices
Chapter 16 Auditing Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Its Implementation
Chapter 17 Auditing the Outsourcing of a Company's Information Technology Services
Chapter 18 Case Studies in Auditing Financial Statements and ERP Reports
Chapter 19 Qualification of Auditors and Implementation of Auditing Standards
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