Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Buku Shaft Alignment

Chapter 1 Introduction to Shaft Alignment
Chapter 2 Detecting Misalignment on Rotating Machinery
Chapter 3 Foundations, Baseplates, Installation, and Piping Strain.
Chapter 4 Flexible and Rigid Couplings
Chapter 5 Preliminary Alignment Checks
Chapter 6 Shaft Alignment Measuring Tools
Chapter 7 Correcting Misalignment
Chapter 8 Alignment Modeling Basics
Chapter 9 Defining Misalignment: Alignment and Coupling Tolerances
Chapter 10 Reverse Indicator Method .
Chapter 11 Face and Rim Methods
Chapter 12 Double Radial Method
Chapter 13 Shaft to Coupling Spool Method
Chapter 14 Face–Face Method
Chapter 15 Electronic and Electro-Optical Shaft Alignment Systems .
Chapter 16 Measuring and Compensating for Off-Line to Running Machinery Movement.
Chapter 17 Aligning Multiple-Element Drive Systems
Chapter 18 Aligning V-Belt Drives
Chapter 19 Bore Alignment
Chapter 20 Parallel Alignment
Chapter 21 Alignment Considerations for Specific Types of Machinery
Chapter 22 The History of Machinery Alignment
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