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Pneumatic Conveying of Solids

chapter 1. An Overview of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Performance
chapter 2. Single Phase Flow in Pneumatic Conveying Systems
chapter 3. Fluid and Particle Dynamics
chapter 4. Fundamentals
chapter 5. Flow Regimes in Vertical and Horizontal Conveying
chapter 6. Principles of Pneumatic Conveying
chapter 7. Feeding of Pneumatic Conveying Systems
chapter 8. Flow in Standpipes and Gravity Conveyors
chapter 9. An Overview of High-Pressure Systems Including Long-Distance and Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems
chapter 10.Gas–Solids Separation
chapter 11.Some Comments on: The Flow Behaviour of Solids from Silos;
Wear in Pneumatic Conveying Systems;
Ancillary Equipment
chapter 12.Control of Pneumatic Transport
chapter 13.Instrumentation
chapter 14.System Design andWorked Examples
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