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Cost Reduction and Optimization for Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

Chapter 1 Organizing a Cost-Reduction Program
Part I Labor
Chapter 2 Defining Headcount and Controlling Staff Growth
Chapter 3 Developing and Implementing Time Standards
Chapter 4 Measuring and Using Efficiency
Chapter 5 Assessing Machine Utilization
Chapter 6 Controlling Overtime
Chapter 7 Making Multiple Shifts Productive
Chapter 8 Finding and Reducing Lost Time
Chapter 9 Using the Learning Curve to Drive Costs Down
Part I1 Material
Chapter 10 Make-versus-Buy Determinations
Chapter 11 Inventory Minimization
Chapter 12 Material Utilization
Chapter 13 Minimizing Supplier Costs
Chapter 14 Supplier Negotiation
Chapter 15 Supplier Competition

Part I11 Process Improvements
Chapter 16 Workflow Optimization
Chapter 17 Setup Time Reduction
Chapter 18 Material-Handling Improvements
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