Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Mechatronics in Action

1 Introduction
2 Consumption to Contribution: Sustainable Technological
Development Through Innovation
3 The “Revolution”: a Small Company Revived
4 A Mechatronic Design Process and Its Application
5 A Mechatronic Design of a Circular Warp Knitting Machine
6 Mechatronics and the Motor Car
7 Multi-mode Operations Marine Robotic Vehicle – a Mechatronics Case Study
8 Wireless Communication Technology for Modular Mechatronic Controllers
9 The Utility Function Method for Behaviour Selection in Autonomous Robots
10 Force Sensing in Medical Robotics
11 Intelligent Prostheses – a Biomechatronics Approach
12 Education in Mechatronics
13 Mechatronics Education
14 A Personal View of the Early Days of Mechatronics in Relation to Aerospace
15 Mechatronic Futures

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