Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Troubleshooting Optical-Fiber Networks

Chapter 1 Early developments
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of fiber optics
Chapter 3 Fundamentals of OTDR operation
Chapter 4 Performance characteristics of OTDRs
Chapter 5 Measuring non reflective events
Chapter 6 Loss-measurement error
Chapter 7 Measuring reflective events
Chapter 8 Complications caused by reflective events
Chapter 9 Measuring the numerical aperture and mode-field diameter of single-mode fiber
Chapter 10 Analyzing passive networks containing splitters and couplers
Chapter 11 Automatic event-marking algorithms and calibration
Chapter 12 Test fixtures
Chapter 13 Polarization mode dispersion
Chapter 14 Dispersion in optical fibers
Chapter 15 Considerations when selecting an OTDR
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