Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Designing Better Buildings

Part One: The perspective of clients
2 Clients and quality
3 Learning more from what we build
4 Client’s perspective on the value of good design,
5 The long-term costs of owning and using buildings,
Part Two: Case studies of added value
6 Measuring value or only cost: the need for new valuation methods,
7 Measuring and improving functionality and performance
8 Design quality in new schools,
9 Assessing bene?ts in the health sector
10 Making special places for health care
11 Adding value through better urban design
Part Three: Delivering better buildings
12 Design qualtiy needs conscious values
13 Flexibility and adaptability
14 Managing design and construction
Part Four: Measuring quality and value
15 Inclusive maps
16 Achieving quality in building design by intention
17 Building indicators of design quality
18 Housing quality indicators in practice
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