Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

Manajemen logistik terintegrasi

Part A. Concepts, and Fundamentals of Design of Integral Logistics Management
1 Logistics and Operations Management and Enterprise Performance
2 Strategic Decisions and Business Relationships in a Supply Chain
3 Business Process Analysis and Fundamental Logistics Concepts
4 The MRP II / ERP Concept: Business Processes and Methods
5 The Lean / Just-in-Time Concept and Repetitive Manufacturing
6 Concepts for Product Families and One-of-a-Kind Production
7 Concepts for the Process Industry
8 Logistics Software
Part B. Methods of Planning & Control in Complex Logistics Systems
9 Demand and Demand Forecast
10 Inventory Management and Stochastic Materials Management
11 Deterministic Materials Management
12 Time Management and Scheduling
13 Capacity Management
14 Order Release and Control
15 Cost Estimating, Job-Order Costing, and Activity-Based Costing
16 Representation and System Management of Logistic Objects
Part C. Overview of Further Management Systems in the Enterprise
17 Quality Management ñ TQM and Six Sigma
18 Systems Engineering and Project Management

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