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Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering

1 Maintenance Organization
2 Maintenance Productivity and Performance Measurement
3 Failure Statistics
4 Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
5 Maintenance Control
6 Guidelines for Budgeting and Costing Planned Maintenance Services
7 Simulation Based Approaches for Maintenance Strategies Optimization
8 Maintenance Forecasting and Capacity Planning
9 Integrated Spare Parts Management
10 Turnaround Maintenance
11 Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
12 Models for Production and Maintenance Planning in Stochastic Manufacturing Systems
13 Inspection Strategies for Randomly Failing Systems
14 System Health Monitoring and Prognostics – A Review of Current Paradigms and Practices
15 Applied Maintenance Models
16 Reliability Centered Maintenance
17 Total Productive Maintenance .........
18 Warranty and Maintenance
19 Delay Time Modeling for Optimized Inspection Intervals of Production Plant
20 Integrated E-maintenance and Intelligent Maintenance Systems
21 Maintainability and System Effectiveness
22 Safety and Maintenance
23 Maintenance Quality and Environmental Performance Improvement: An Integrated Approach
24 Industrial Asset Maintenance and Sustainability Performance: Economical, Environmental, and Societal Implications
25 Human Reliability and Error in Maintenance
26 Human Error in Maintenance – A Design Perspective
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