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Chapter 1 Integrated Approach for Heat Transfer in Fluidized Bed Reactors
Chapter 2 Two-Phase Heat Transfer Coefficients of R134a Condensation in Vertical Downward Flow at High Mass Flux
Chapter 3 Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer from Micro-Pin-Finned Silicon Chips
Chapter 4 Heat Transfer in Minichannels and Microchannels CPU Cooling Systems
Chapter 5 Microchannel Heat Transfer
Chapter 6 Heat Transfer in Molecular Crystals
Chapter 7 Nonlinear Bubble Behavior due to Heat Transfer
Chapter 8 Nucleate Pool Boiling in Microgravity
Chapter 9 Heat Transfer in Film Boiling of Flowing Water
Chapter 10 Two-Phase Flow Boiling Heat Transfer for Evaporative Refrigerants in Various Circular Minichannels
Chapter 11 Comparison of the Effects of Air Flow and Product Arrangement on Freezing Process by Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient Measurement
Chapter 12 Marangoni Condensation Heat Transfer
Chapter 13 Quantitative Visualization of Heat Transfer in Oscillatory and Pulsatile Flows
Chapter 14 Application of Mass/Heat Transfer Analogy in the Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer in Stationary and Rotating Short Minichannels
Chapter 15 Heat Transfer Enhancement for Weakly Oscillating Flows
Chapter 16 Flow Patterns, Pressure Drops and Other Related Topics of Two-phase Gas-liquid Flow in Microgravity
Chapter 17 Heat Transfer and Its Assessment
Chapter 18 Heat Transfer Phenomena in Laminar Wavy Falling Films:
Thermal Entry Length, Thermal-Capillary Metastable
Structures, Thermal-Capillary Breakdown
Chapter 19 Heat Transfer to Fluids at Supercritical Pressures
Chapter 20 Fouling of Heat Transfer Surfaces
Chapter 21 Spatio-Temporal Measurement of Convective Heat Transfer Using Infrared Thermography
Chapter 22 Thermophysical Properties at Critical and Supercritical Conditions
Chapter 23 Gas-Solid Heat and Mass Transfer Intensification in Rotating Fluidized Beds in a Static Geometry
Chapter 24 The Rate of Heat Flow through Non-Isothermal Vertical Flat Plate
Chapter 25 Conjugate Flow and Heat Transfer of Turbine Cascades
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