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Project Financing

CHAPTER 1 What Is Project Financing?
CHAPTER 2 The Rationale for Project Financing
CHAPTER 3 What Is Special about Large Projects?
CHAPTER 4 Who Finances Large Projects?
CHAPTER 5 Analyzing Project Viability
CHAPTER 6 Designing Security Arrangements
CHAPTER 7 Structuring the Project Undivided Joint Interest Corporation
CHAPTER 8 Preparing the Project Financing Plan
CHAPTER 9 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
CHAPTER 10 Financial Modeling and Project Evaluation
CHAPTER 11 Using Real-Options Analysis to Evaluate a Project Description of the Oil Field Project
CHAPTER 12 Sources of Project Funds
CHAPTER 13 Managing Project Risks
CHAPTER 14 Issues for the Host Government
CHAPTER 15 Case Study: The Indiantown Cogeneration Project
CHAPTER 16 Case Study: The Tribasa Toll Road Project
CHAPTER 17 Case Study: The Euro Disneyland Project
CHAPTER 18 Case Study: The Eurotunnel Project
CHAPTER 19 Conclusion
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