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Turbin Uap

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Turbine Casing and Major Stationary Components
Chapter 3. Bearings for Mechanical Drive Turbine

Chapter 4. Rotors for Impulse Turbines
Chapter 5. Rotors for Reaction Turbines
Chapter 6. Turbine Blade Design Overview
Chapter 7. Turbine Auxiliaries
Chapter 8. Governors and Control Systems
Chapter 9. Couplings and Coupling Considerations
Chapter 10. Rotor Dynamics Technology
Chapter 11. Campbell, Goodman, and SAFE Diagrams forTurbine Blades
Chapter 12. Reaction vs. Impulse Type Steam Turbines
Chapter 13. Transmission Elements for High-Speed Turbomachinery
Chapter 14. Shortcut Graphical Methods of Turbine Selection
Chapter 15. Elliott Shortcut Selection Method for Multivalve, Multistage Steam Turbines
Chapter 16. Rerates, Upgrades, and Modifications
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