Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Turbin uap untuk pembangkit modern

Chapter 1 Steam Turbines in the Modern World
Chapter 2 Rise of Steam Turbine Output and Efficiency with Steam Parameters
Chapter 3 Configuration of Modern Power Steam Turbines
Chapter 4 Design of Steam Path, Blading, Gland Seals, and Valves
Chapter 5 Last Stage Blades and Exhaust Hoods of LP cylinders
Chapter 6 Thermal Expansion, Bearings, and Lubrication
Chapter 7 Operating Conditions and Start-up Systems for Steam-Turbine Power Units
Chapter 8 Experimental and Calculation Researches of Turbine Transients
Chapter 9 Start-up Technologies as Applied to Different Start-up Systems
Chapter 10 Start-up Instructions for Steam-Turbine Power Units and Their Improvement
Chapter 11 Scheduled and Unscheduled Load Changes within and beyond the Governed Range
Chapter 12 Cycling Operation and Its Influence on Turbine Performances
Chapter 13 Automated Data Acquisition and Control Systems for Modern Power Plants
Chapter 14 Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Heat-Rate and Flow-Capacity Performances
Chapter 15 Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Temperature and Thermal-Stress States
Chapter 16 Post-Operative Analysis of the Turbine’s Operating Conditions
Chapter 17 Assessment and Extension of Steam Turbine Lifetime
Chapter 18 Steam Turbine Upgrade
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