Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

L e a r n i n g E x p r e s s ®’ s GMAT® EXAM SUCCESS In Only 5 Steps!

Chapter 1 About the GMAT
Chapter 2 GMAT Study Skills
Chapter 3 Verbal Pretest
Chapter 4 What to Expect on the GMAT Verbal Section
Chapter 5 Reading Comprehension
Chapter 6 Critical Reasoning
Chapter 7 Sentence Correction
Chapter 8 Tips and Strategies for the Verbal Section
Chapter 9 Verb Forms
Chapter 10 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots
Chapter 11 Verbal Section Practice Test
Chapter 12 Verbal Section Glossary
Chapter 13 Pretest
Chapter 14 About the Analytical Writing Assessment
Chapter 15 Guide to Effective Writing
Chapter 16 Tips and Strategies for the AWA
Chapter 17 AWA Practice
Chapter 18 Quantitative Pretest
Chapter 19 About the Quantitative Section
Chapter 20 Arithmetic
Chapter 21 Algebra
Chapter 22 Geometry
Chapter 23 Tips and Strategies for the Quantitative Section
Chapter 24 Quantitative Practice Test
Chapter 25 Quantitative Section Glossary
Jumlah Halaman : 416
Kualitas ebook : Good
Kode : GMAT-001
Harga : Rp. 40.000 (Sudah termasuk bea pengiriman)