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Integrated Risk Management in Global Supply Chains

1 Integrated Risk Management: A Conceptual Framework with Research Overview and Applications in Practice 3
2 Risk Management and Operational Hedging: An Overview
3 The Effect of Supply Chain Disruptions on Corporate Performance
4 Operational Strategies for Managing Supply Chain Disruption Risk
5 Beyond Risk: Ambiguity in Supply Chains
6 Managing Storable Commodity Risks: Role of Inventories and Financial Hedges
7 Integrated Production and Risk Hedging with Financial Instruments
8 Capacity Expansion As A Contingent Claim: Flexibility And Real Options In Operations
9 Financial Valuation of Supply Chain Contracts
10 Supply Chain Finance
11 The Role of Financial Services in Procurement Contracts
12 Production/Inventory Management and Capital Structure
13 Bank Financing of Newsvendor Inventory: Coordinating Loan Schedules
14 Decentralized Supply Risk Management
15 Using Supplier Portfolios to Manage Demand Risk
16 An Opportunity Cost View of Base-Stock Optimality for the Warehouse Problem
17 Procurement Risk Management in Beef Supply Chains
18 Risk Management in Electric Utilities
19 Supply Chain Risk Management: A Perspective from Practice
20 A Bayesian Framework for Supply Chain Risk Management Using Business Process Standards
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