Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control

1 Advances in power plant technology
Part 1: Modelling and simulation
2 Modelling of power plants
3 Modelling and control of pulverised fuel coal mills
4 Generator excitation control using local model networks
5 Steam temperature control
6 Supervisory predictive control of a combined cycle thermal power plant
7 Multivariable power plant control
Part 3: Monitoring, optimisation and supervision
8 Extending plant load-following capabilities
9 Modelling of NOx emissions in coal-fired plant
10 Model-based fault detection in a high-pressure heater line
11 Data mining for performance monitoring and optimisation
12 Advanced plant management systems
13 Physical model-based coordinated power plant control
14 Management and integration of power plant operations
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