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Chapter 1 Heat Loss from Walls in a Typical House
Chapter 2 Conduction Heat Transfer in a Printed Circuit Board
Chapter 3 Heat Transfer from Combustion Chamber Walls
Chapter 4 Heat Transfer from a Human Body During Solar Tanning
Chapter 5 Ef?ciency of Rectangular Fins
Chapter 6 Heat Transfer from a Hot Drawn Bar
Chapter 7 Maximum Current in an Open-Air Electrical Wire
Chapter 8 Evaporation of Liquid Nitrogen in a Cryogenic Bottle
Chapter 9 Thermal Stress in a Pipe
Chapter 10 Heat Transfer in a Pipe with Uniform Heat Generation in its Walls
Chapter 11 Heat Transfer in an Active Infrared Sensor
Chapter 12 Cooling of a Chip
Chapter 13 Cooling of a Chip Utilizing a Heat Sink with Rectangular Fins
Chapter 14 Heat Transfer Analysis for Cooking in a Pot
Chapter 15 Insulating a Water Pipe from Freezing
Chapter 16 Quenching of Steel Balls in Air Flow
Chapter 17 Quenching of Steel Balls in Oil
Chapter 18 Cooking Time for Turkey in an Oven
Chapter 19 Heat Generated in Pipe Flows due to Friction
Chapter 20 Sizing an Active Solar Collector for a Pool
Chapter 21 Heat Transfer in a Heat Exchanger
Chapter 22 Ice Formation on a Lake
Chapter 23 Solidi? cation in a Casting Mold
Chapter 24 Average Temperature Rise in Sliding Surfaces in Contact
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