Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Analisa Matrik Dari Dinamika Struktur

1 Characteristics of Free and Forced Vibrations of Elementary Systems
2 Eigensolution Techniques and Undamped Response Analysis of Multiple-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
3 Eigensolution Methods and Response Analysis for Proportional and Nonproportional Damping
4. Dynamic Stiffness and Energy Methods for Distributed Mass Systems
5 Dynamic Stiffness Method for Coupling Vibration, Elastic Media and P-A Effect
6 Consistent Mass Method for Frames and Finite Elements
7 Numerical Integration Methods and Seismic Response Spectra for Single-and Multi-Component Seismic Input
8 Formulation and Response Analysis of Three-Dimensional Building Systems with Walls and Bracings
9 Various Hysteresis Models and Nonlinear Response Analysis
10 Static and Dynamic Lateral-Force Procedures and Related Effects in Building Codes of UBC-94, UBC-97 and IBC-2000
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