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chapter 1 Introduction to EHV AC Transmission
Chapter 2 Transmission Line Trends and Preliminaries
Chapter 3 Calculation of Line and Ground Parameters
Chapter 4 Voltage Gradients of Conductors
Chapter 5 Corona Effects—I : Power Loss and Audible Noise
Chapter 6 Corona Effects—II : Radio Interference
Chapter 7 Electrostatic and Magnetic Fields of EHV Lines
Chapter 8 Theory of Travelling Waves and Standing Waves
Chapter 9 Lightning and Lightning Protection
Chapter 10 Overvoltages in EHV Systems Caused by Switching Operations
Chapter 11 Insulation Characteristics of Long Air Gaps
Chapter 12 Power-Frequency Voltage Control and Overvoltages
Chapter 13 EHV Testing and Laboratory Equipment
Chapter 14 Design of EHV Lines Based upon Steady-State Limits and Transient Overvoltages
Chapter 15 Extra High Voltage Cable Transmission

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