Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Corrosion behaviour and protection of copper and aluminium alloys in seawater

PART I Overview of copper and aluminium alloys
1 Corrosion behaviour of non-ferrous alloys in seawater in the Polish marine industry
2 Erosion–corrosion interactions of copper and aluminium alloys

PART II Copper alloys

3 Copper and copper–nickel alloys – an overview

4 Experience with the use of copper alloys in seawater systems on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
5 CuNi 90/10: How to avoid typical failures of seawater tubing systems and marine biofouling on structures
6 70/30 copper–nickel seawater piping systems – use of descaling agents and their effects on corrosion properties

PART III Aluminium bronzes
7 Long-term and accelerated corrosion testing methods for cast nickel–aluminium bronzes in seawater
8 Galvanic corrosion of nickel–aluminium bronze coupled to titanium or Cu–15Ni alloy in brackish seawater

PART IV Aluminium alloys
9 Corrosion and protection of aluminum alloys in seawater

PART V Aluminium-based anode material
10 Electrochemical behavior of new ternary aluminum alloys as sacrificial anodes
11 Low-voltage aluminium anodes – optimization of the insert-anode bond
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